Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Start a Travel Newsletter for your Company

If your company's core business activity revolves around tourism and hospitality, it would do your business a whole lot of good to initiate a travel newsletter aimed at travel agents as well as potential or existing clients. Once your company decides to let your newsletter do the selling, you'll need to take care of a few relevant points before commencing the newsletter.

1. Start with fewer pages: This caution may dampen the spirit of a few souls who have mentally decided to launch with a bang! But the idea here is not to discourage but to ensure your enthusiasm never dies an untimely death. I suggest you initially plan for newsletter with around 20 to 25 pages of content. Based on the feedback you receive, It will be easier to add relevant pages as you progress.

2. Name matters. So does branding: Over the years, we have come to believe that it's not the name of a newsletter that matters but the branding it receives after the initial launch. Go ahead and name your newsletter "Poison Ivy". There will always be two sides of arguments for and against the choice of the name. Leaving that aside, what really matters is how well you build a brand image around the name. 

3. Content will always be king: Of course, any travel newsletter you see on the stands is bound to look like a pictorial ode to destinations around the world. Your newsletter can follow the same protocol but remember to hire some of the best writers you know to crystallize each image into well-poised prose. Anyone who picks the newsletter definitely looks for more than just stunning pictures.

4. Be exclusive: We live in a world where there is competition in every business we undertake. Your travel newsletter will rise up to the expectations of its readers only if there is unique content that is quite exclusive to your newsletter alone. Research plays a great part in penning such exclusive information and we suggest you do whatever it takes to make sure at least 80 percent of the content in your newsletter is not reproduced from a secondary source. Be original!

5. People love freebies: Discount coupons and free holiday offers have never been known to fail in enticing readers. So make sure you add at least 3 such "tear and mail" offers in your newsletter

We guess these tips are ideal to help you get the first steps right. Do mail us at vcreatemedia@gmail .com or leave a comment if you need further assistance in putting together a pictorial ode to the greatest destinations on planet earth.

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