Monday, 12 August 2013

Having a Website is not an Online Presence

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One thing I have noticed on the ‘www’ is that many businesses are no more than an online brochure. Many entrepreneurs had spent a lot to have it, but often not being in the right track. The days went demanded only to that extend, but things are changing.
Owning a website will not generate business for you today. Ofcourse, it helps, but they who have an ‘online presence’ definitely scores high, as today business  depends on how well you market yourself both online and offline.
Your online presence does not begin and end with a website. If you are a small business, how do you let people know you exist? If you are a large one, how do you convey that you are within reach?

Customers are getting more and more demanding and want to interact using new communication tools before they decide to buy a product. For this you need to have a two way communication tool like a website with a blog and social media properties such as Facebook page and twitter account.

As an ardent believer in the powers of social media, I have always upheld its importance as a novel tool in branding, client relations and lead generation. To validate my stand, there are many examples world-wide.
However, social media is not just about getting a page ready and inviting people to become fans and followers. Companies need a lot of thought, effort and strategy to be sure that their online presence is on the right track. Even many of those who claim to have an ‘online presence’, are not always focused on his/her 'friends' count.

What is the use of fans who have absolutely no connect with your brand? On the contrary, you should grow your "authentic" fans and communities that help you connect easily with your clients, grow your business and do a whole lot more. And ofcourse, constantly stay in touch with them and give them titbits to chew on!  Here’s where you need a professional assistance or a Consultant.

Many would think that facebooking and tweeting are simple and there is no need of a Consultant for the job? Well. You are dealing with actual people-customers and competitors on social media and you need time, effort and consistency to build up a presence that suits your corporate profile/brand. Half-hearted attempts show up easily on social media.

At this point, businesses need to realise that like any other medium (perhaps, more than any other medium), you need to give first, before you can hope to receive. Nothing will happen in a day or two. And remember, it is the cheapest advertising medium.

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