Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to Woo Your Clients Online with Content

Having a web presence is one thing but having a popular blog is quite another. Blogs not only help in offering a platform for companies to interact with existing clients but can also go a long way in turning fence sitters into potential clients. More and more companies today understand the power of content marketing to attract new customers for the business and services. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you attract more clients.

Content is King:  

The golden rule of having any content oriented program to attract clients is to have superior content. There is no substitute for well written and researched content. Powerful content has the ability to attract readers by making them intrigued into reading the finer details. If the content is poorly drafted with grammatical mistakes or over the top vocabulary, chances are the most users would skip the content and move on. Creating a powerful and interesting content is one of the basic parameters that would make users come back to the website or the blog. Creating half baked content can backfire denting the company's overall sales figures. The importance of a professional content service providing company or content writer is the key to publish interesting and powerful content repeatedly.

Offer Reader Centric Content: 

There are great topics all around but a lot of bloggers commit the mistake of thinking rationally while posting new content. Think out of the box and choose the topics your clients would like to listen instead of pushing your company's agenda. Instead of focusing on the products and services offered by the company, a good blog can publish content on how the customer is bound to benefit from availing the services and products.

Post Content Regularly: 

Posting content regularly on the blog makes it search engine friendly as well as helps keeping the content fresh. If for example there are any new development in your sector, blogging your thoughts on the same much before your rivals can bring you a lot of avid readers and potential customers. Ideally a blog should have one post published each day but in case you are unable to post regularly, hiring professional bloggers is recommended. Another essential trick to attract more reader eye balls is to have powerful pick up lines or headlines in your content. Attention grabbing headline allows random people surfing the blog to notice the intrinsic details. Once your headline has their attention, the content can weave its magic and keep the reader interested and engrossed.

Using Search Engine Friendly Content: 

Using search engine friendly content is a very important aspect of professional blogging. The use of adequate keywords makes it easier for web users to search for the blog post amid thousands of other search results. The key is to use the keywords in a natural flow which enables the search engine algorithms to consider the content as highly relevant for those searching content with the same keywords. Creating a perfectly balanced content which is rich is quality and balanced in Search engine friendliness can be a tight rope walk. Hiring the services of professional content writing companies or bloggers is recommended for attaining the perfect balance between keywords and content richness.

Hire Professional Content Writers: 

Wooing customers or potential clients with content is a highly specialized job. Most companies are now employing dedicated in house content creation and management team that are responsible for all aspects of content creation and sustenance. If you are a smaller company, hiring the services of freelance content writers or content providing companies is recommended to make your blog stand away from the crowd.

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