Sunday, 2 February 2014

Content Marketing Ideas for your Business

While contents say a lot about your business, marketing it effectively by making sure that it reaches the targeted readers is a challenge. Most successful companies have an effective content marketing strategy allowing them an intrinsic advantage over their competitors.
Here are some of ideas that you can use for your business effectively.

Create a Functional Blog:

One of the best content marketing ideas for improving sales for any business or services is to have a functional blog. While most companies or organizations seem content by simply having a website, having a functional blog adds the x- factor which can be instrumental in all marketing plans.
Since website can have formal content about the details of the company and its products or services, a blog gives the company an informal platform to meet with their existing as well as potential clients. A blog can also be the face of all new announcements, plans and schemes by involving active customer feedback. After all there is no better marketing campaign that has been discussed with existing and future clients.  The key of course is to have a regularly updated blog sharing thoughts.

Guest Posts:

To make sure that your content reaches the desired set of people flawlessly and to establish an authority in your field, offering guest posts to niche portals and publications is a good idea. Many magazines and portals welcome guest articles from industry experts in various fields.
Publishing customer awareness information about the new developments in your industry is a god way to ignite user feedback. Sharing of such information gives out a positive impression and awareness about your company. You need not waste considerable time in drafting articles and contacting various publishers. A professional content writing company like V Create Media will draft the articles on your behalf and pitch it to various niche publications. All you need to do is contact V Create Media and discuss your needs.

Balance Visual and Textual Content:  

Having a textual content all the time may not be the best content marketing idea. Using visual elements like pictures, videos and slides are recommended to make the content far more effective. A visual content not only attracts more people, but it can also mean that users can get hooked to the textual content. Another big advantage of having visual content is that it can be shared on social media by visitors and if the visual is effectively crafted, it can go viral and bring a lot more new users.

Use Social Media Effectively:

Social media is a very powerful tool and must be a part of any content marketing plans. The key is to use each platform according to the type of people flocking on that particular network. A more informal content on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help connect with the larger audiences. On the other hand for professional networking, platforms like Linkedin require a more sophisticated and professional contextual approach. 

Make Content Gadget Friendly:

With more and more people moving towards tablets and smartphones to surf the internet, it is imperative to make sure that all published content is compatible for such new gadgets. There is no point n having a very good content marketing plan which is not accessible to people using tablets or other hand held devices. 


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